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IP Call Recording and Monitoring for Businesses of All Sizes.

Enghouse Interactive Call Recording is the easy and affordable IP call recording and monitoring solution for IP telephony and unified communications systems.

All types of businesses benefit from call recording and monitoring technology-inside and outside the contact center. From improving customer service, resolving customer disputes, increasing employee productivity, reducing liability, complying with legal requirements, addressing security concerns, and taking the organization's "pulse," Enghouse Interactive Call Recording software can help.

The intuitive Web-based interface offers users a real-time view of user status, the ability to live monitor calls, and multiple recording options. Designed with the manager in mind, Call Recording software enables users to:

Call Center Recording Software - Call Recording Equipment - Call Center Recording

IT managers will appreciate the simplicity of setting up and administering Call Recording software. A software-only solution, Call Recording software does not interfere with the IP PBX or require proprietary hardware.

A scalable solution, multi-site installations can be managed from any location using the Web-based user interface. The high quality recordings utilize high compression for a limited storage footprint, and recordings can be stored anywhere on the network and archived for long-term storage. Call retention settings can be defined per user or by group.

Verified interoperable with the widest range of IP telephony systems, Call Recording is extensible through the complimentary Quality Management API offering.

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